Saturday, June 12, 2010

You turn your back for one moment

I was on a business trip this week, Monday morning to Thursday afternoon, and while I was gone, this...

... turned into this.

And the snap peas plumped up enough for a first harvest.

Last night I had my first salad from the garden:  leaf lettuce, radish, scallion, and snap peas, with oregano and parsley for the dressing.  After eating such fresh food, I understand why those who rely on the produce section at the grocery store don't like vegetables.  The difference in incomparable.

I usually don't spend a lot of money on annuals for the yard and garden, but since I grew my own marigolds this year, I felt I could splurge a bit and add some color for my personal enjoyment:

Sometimes birds like to nest in hanging planters, so I will be curious if any do that with this one.  I doubt it, because it is about four feet from the West Wing westside windows, but we'll see.

Ordinarily, the plants on the east side of my house suffer a bit because the bed is mostly landscaper's sand.  This provides excellent drainage, but the plants get thirsty.  However, this year, we have had buckets of rain - over nine inches in May.

The photo above shows that, not only is the transplanted sedum happy, the ground covering 'Dragon's Blood' is equally ecstatic.  I have never seen it so dense.

After a slow start this spring, the smoke bush is, well, smoking.

I have had trouble growing anything at the southeast corner of the house, but this fellow loves it here.  We are looking forward to years of happiness.

And lotsa potatoes as well.

This is the first grow bag of potatoes.  It's difficult to tell from the picture, but the plant height above the bag is greater than the height of the bag.  And the plants are starting to bloom.  Can you say "new potatoes"?

While away (and missing my garden), I made a list of what still needs to be planted.  It is a bit late for some things, but I don't feel too bad about where I'm at.  All that rain has boosted weed growth, though, and more rain is in the forecast, making it difficult to get out there and tackle those weeds.  Thank goodness for grass clippings!


Toni said...

Everything is looking fabulous!

And I think I have an answer to the onion question--Idaho grows a lot of onions & onion sets, so I think they can't be imported to our state if onion sets aren't certified or of certain strains. I can't verify it for sure, but that's the story I've gotten. :)

Pat - Arkansas said...

I am envious of your fresh home grown salad! My poor hay bale garden is not doing well; we've had too much rain. All the plants need a dose of iron or something to green them up, but I've been a bit under the weather myself, and have not had the energy in this heat to mix and apply the remedy. Maybe I'll have better luck next year, either with bales or directly in the ground.