Saturday, June 19, 2010

Measure once, cut twice

Last year, the rabbits ate the green bean plants, much to my annoyance.  So this year, I decided to be proactive and fence in the bean patch.  To this end, I purchased some PVC pipe and connectors and built a frame which I wrapped in chicken wire.  I knew at the start that my garden beds are approximately 4' x 20'.  Approximately.  So I cut the pipe into 4-foot sections and connected everything together and discovered that the beds are not quite as big as I thought.  And I did not take the connectors into consideration.  So I trimmed 3 inches here and 6 inches there and it's close enough.  The PVC pipe is not very rigid, so the whole shebang is propped up with stakes, but I think it will do the trick and also be disassemblable at the end of the season.

If it weren't so breezy and so freakin' hot out, I would have some photos to show, photos of not only the bean fence, but the yarrow and penstemon and butterfly bush and Shasta daisy that are making the meadow such a delight to look at.  And the promising potato and tomato blossoms!  After today, we are expecting a long siege of temperatures in the 80's with the chance of thunderstorms nearly every day.  Perfect growing weather.

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