Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Where's the garlic?

Cut back the sedum and some of the ornamental grasses tonight (after poop patrol).  The daffodils, iris, and some day lilies are poking out of the ground.  Even the chrysanthemum has a few leaves above the surface.  But no sign of the garlic.  Mice and shrews don't eat garlic, do they?

Chili and corn bread for supper tonight.  I've been wanting chili for a while now, and if it gets much warmer, it won't seem like chili weather.  I thinned some of the cilantro seedlings and threw the choppings into the soup.

The aforementioned rain never materialized, but tonight it is spitting a bit.  Except on the north side of the house and where I created big piles, the snow is gone.  The earth still feels hard and frozen, though.

Yesterday I picked up the tall small table and chairs but some assembly required before a pic.  I still have not finished assembling the over-the-toilet cupboard.  Some tasks you just need to be in the mood for, or else they turn out badly.

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