Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Three left legs

My new bistro table and chairs are from Vietnam, where apparently they don't get the R and the L thing.  After some struggle with the first chair, I determined that I had to mix and match the R pieces and the L pieces.  Chair number two, however, had two L legs.  Others had offered to assemble this set, but I'm glad I did it myself because I would not have believed their tales of R and L.

I was already piqued about having to assemble the chairs in the first place.  Silly me, all I expected to have to do was put the legs on the table top; I thought the chairs would already be whole.  Let that be a warning to those planning to shop for furniture:  ask if some assembly will be required.

Sunday I repotted the basil seedlings because they were not very seedling like anymore.

I must have done something right - look at those roots!

I really don't have a good place to put all twelve of these.  For now, they are crowding about in front of the French doors in the West Wing.  The seed-starting bug has bit me, though, so I think I will buy another light fixture and bulbs.

On the way home from work today, I stopped at Wisman's and bought a scratch 'n dent freezer.  My original plan to purchase a 13 cu. ft. chest freezer fell apart when they had a manual defrost 14 cu. ft upright.  The chest would have just barely fit in the space allotted.  A corollary to that is the upright will leave enough room for a storage thingy of some sort.  Right now I am all about storage thingies.  Another thought is that I will probably be using mostly jars for freezing tomato juice and sauce, and they will fit on the upright shelves better than being relegated to the bottom of the chest.  At least, those are my thoughts on the matter.

Once home, I took advantage of the gorgeous day to prune shrubs in the front yard.  The only ones I'm afraid to tackle are the two full-grown boxwoods.  I love how big and dense they are, but how big is too big?  I would show you photos, but my camera and I are on the outs.  The above pix are all I could manage.

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Pat - Arkansas said...

Hello, Abby. Thanks for visiting me at Remembrances of An Arkansas Stamper. I've enjoyed reading a few of your blog entries; I wish my one and only tomato seedling, given to me by my neighbor, looked as healthy as your basil and cilantro. I'll be back to look at more posts; I'm a wanna-be gardner with not enough stamina these days to accomplish much more than a few day lilies! Wishing you a nice weekend.