Thursday, January 14, 2010

Getting spoiled

Last night's soup was Vegetarian Chili from Yoga Journal.  My SO brought Martha White's sweet corn bread (is that "sweet corn" bread or sweet "corn bread"?) and Kroger carrot cake.  The former was good, but I could not eat the latter.  The frosting was sickeningly sweet and the cake was, well, it did not taste like food to me.  Just thinking about it is making me feel queasy.  My SO wolfed his piece down and took mine home for later.  I traded him some German Three-Grain bread and banana bread for the rest of the corn bread, though.

A similar thing happened today when I ate a wrap from the cafeteria.  Turkey and cranberry sauce sounded good, and it even had broccoli sprouts on it, but I'm not used to eating deli meats - omg the SALT.  And it had a funny tang to it.  Ugh.  I think I will be bringing my own lunch tomorrow.  Like some of that chili, which while quite good, needs something.  Like chili powder and a little cheddar cheese.  How a chili recipe can omit chili powder is beyond me.

So, that is the danger of home cooking, especially from scratch and doubly especially with fresh ingredients.  Nothing else measures up.

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