Monday, January 11, 2010

And we have germination

Minuscule green spermatozoa (I'm sorry - that's what they look like) are rising above the planting medium.  According to my Super-Duper Garden Spreadsheet,  the germination of the basil took only eight days.  Now I need to worry about the little buggers getting enough light.

So I bought a bookcase.  The bookcase was actually for the West Wing, but I may put it behind my desk at Command Central so I can use the wire shelving that is there now for plant propagation.  But first, I need to get some bulbs for the fluorescent light fixture the building of the laundry room freed up.  See?  Everything is connected.

And speaking of the laundry room, it is getting kind of cramped in there.  Besides the previously mentioned litter box, it now contains a tall plasticky cupboard which in turn contains all the cleaning supplies that got scattered last year with the building of the West Wing and the subsequent loss of a big wooden cupboard.  Also, the vaccum, electric broom, and ironing board all have a new home.  I plan to hang a retractable clothesline over the washer/dryer so I will no longer have to drape bras over doorknobs and handwash over towel racks.  And I want one of those cupboards that fit over the toilet.  Then the room will be complete.  And completely full.

In other domestic news, the German Three-Grain bread I baked yesterday turned out WONDERFUL!  I don't know if it is the King Arthur bread flour or the flax seed or what, but I simply cannot believe how delicious it is.  To keep myself from wolfing down the entire loaf, I sliced up most of it and put it in the freezer, to be rationed out a piece or two at a time.  And I made some banana bread to help distract me.  Heh.

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