Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Water, water everywhere

After all my complaining about no rain, yesterday we received a month's worth. Five inches by my rain gauge. Now I won't worry about the in-ground plants getting thirsty while we are on vacation.

Earlier this season, my neighbor and I had a long conversation about gardening and his experiments with hydroponics. Consequently, he seemed like a likely candidate to water the container plants in my stead. Tonight, while giving him the run-down on which plants I meant (like, the ones IN THE CONTAINERS?), I said, "Help yourself to the produce, although I don't think I am growing anything you aren't." He said, "Oh. Our plants all died." That explains why he never followed through on his offer of pickling cucumbers.

And just as I predicted, the tomatoes are coming on strong, just as we are getting ready to blow town. The timing of this year's vacation was beyond my control, but really, when is a good time for a gardener to abandon the land? Perhaps somewhere between planting garlic in November and starting seedlings in February? Maybe.

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