Saturday, July 11, 2009

Plan B

The original plan was to spend the day hauling the privet clippings to the biosolids site, exchanging them for mulch. But after weeks of virtually no rain, the skies opened this morning, with the promise of more scattered showers, gusty winds, and possible hail this afternoon. Tomorrow, however, is supposed to be perfect.

I planned to plant sunflowers this year, but did not, so will have to make do with this volunteer that sprouted by the patio.

This is not the usual variety of impatiens I plant in the flower box on the front porch, but I was impatient (HA!) and purchased the first ones I saw this spring. My only complaint is they are a bit short. I like something that is more visible from the street.

The butterfly bush is not very big yet, but it has started to bloom. I love the rich color.

When clearing out the future raspberry bed, we left some oregano standing. The bees are pleased.

Finally, FINALLY, the trumpet vine blooms. I think it never got enough sun in previous years, but with the demise of a nearby silver maple and the pruning of the privet, we should see some flowers this year. The ants are happy about that.

Love, love, LOVE this apricot daylily.

And the "ditch" daylilies are starting to bloom, later than others around here, I'm guessing because they are not in full sun.

The neighbor to the south is talking about having the clump of trees (one dead apple, several mulberries, and a mystery tree) removed this year. We shall see. He tends to talk more than he walks.

Woodchuck Acres is down one head of livestock.

HipHop suddenly took ill this past week and died before I could get him to the vet. I'm a little broken hearted about it, wondering what happened. Much as I like the bunny guy, I don't plan to get another rabbit. It will be just me, the dog, the cat, and a few thousand red wigglers.

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