Thursday, July 16, 2009

Garden producing produce

The goodies are starting to trickle in from the garden - tomatoes, peppers, zucchini - but no pics because I keep forgetting to take any. There are six varieties of peppers and ten of tomatoes, so taste tests will be forthcoming.

Last Saturday we did receive a whole inch of rain, for which I am grateful, but it's not enough! While I don't need to mow, I do need to water. I'd rather be mowing because I could use the exercise and the grass clippings.

Sunday my SO and I made two round trips to the biosolids site, to deliver privet branches and pick up mulch. One load of mulch went around the new room; I decided to at least define the beds even if I can't decide what to plant there. The other load is in a pile, awaiting utilization in the weed patch birds-bees-butterflies garden. There is still a lot of privet debris that needs to be eliminated. Either I will hack it up into little pieces and put it in the trash, or I will borrow the neighbor's pickup truck once again.

Speaking of. I decided to try to drive the pickup truck into the backyard so we would not have to cart branches and mulch around. The gate is 7.5 feet wide, but there is shrubbery in the way. Getting in worked okay, but on the way out, I was so busy watching out for the mirrors that I put a scratch on the flare on the rear wheel well. Gah! When we were done for the day, I was washing the truck in my driveway when the neighbor came home. "I should have you borrow the truck more often!" he called. I fessed up to the scratch, but he shrugged and said, "It's just a truck." Whew!

Why do they call spotted lilies "tiger lilies"? Shouldn't they be "leopard lilies"?

Mmmmm, lemony!

These mums are on the south side of the house and want to bloom too early.

Patience, my sweet. Fall will be here soon enough!

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