Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pooped and cheap poop

Today's weather was perfect for spending the entire day in the yard. My SO (the best boy friend ever!) helped pull thistle, a never ending task, while I finally got the tomatoes into the ground/Topsy Turvy's/planters. The peppers were transplanted as well, plus herbs. There are still the marigolds, plus direct seeded things like zucchini, but it was the thistle that was keeping me awake at night. We got to it just in the nick of time, too, as it was starting to flower. Next invasive on the agenda: Queen Anne's lace.

Last night we visited both Home Depot and Lowes, coming home with two bales of sphagnum moss and twelve 40-lb. sacks of cow manure. I did not realize the latter was so cheap. We were also looking for cheap tomato cages, but came up empty handed.

A wren has finally started building a nest in the wren house, but rather half-heartedly. A cranky robin keeps chasing him away. What is up with that?!? The grackles were crabby today also, as we were working too close to their nests for their personal comfort. They should chill.

The last of the colonnade apples bit the dust, so that experiment is officially over and categorized as a big FAIL. Fruit trees have never been my forte. I think I'd like to try raspberries, though. Mmmmmm.

On a completely unrelated topic, I was talking with a co-worker about how much I like my Durastone flooring. We went out to the Congoleum website, and I did not see my kitchen floor pattern. Uh-oh. I was half-planning on using that for my family room. Must call my flooring people tomorrow.

But right now I am going to take a shower and eat some pizza and relax for the rest of the evening. I think I earned it.

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