Friday, October 27, 2006

A Women's Work Is Never Done...

It's embarrassing to admit, but I think I have a mental disorder - compulsive project start-chosis. In the yarn category, I have two unfinished afghans, two pairs of gloves, one hat, a dishcloth, and a cat bed. There are also five sweaters I bought at Goodwill to frog and experiment with.

Re my house, there is a section of kitchen wall under the breakfast bar that I missed when I redid that room last year, and I would finish it except the brushes that were soaking in the utility sink dried out. The flooring has all been replaced except for the laundryroom and florida room; the walls have all been redone except the laundryroom, florida room, diningroom.

And the yard is one big project-in-progress. Which reminds me - I have hyacinth bulbs to plant.

My daughter and her SO took pity on me last night, bringing gifts of art and labor: framed and matted photographs (her) and the tools and talent to hang them (him). They also brought pizza, which we had to eat buffet style as all horizontal surfaces were covered with yarn and/or yarn projects.

And I'm expecting more yarn via UPS any day now.

Somebody stop me!

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