Thursday, October 26, 2006


I received a reply from the IHRS. They are going to call me Friday night to discuss the rabbit adoption. My what-will-be-will-be attitude is rapidly giving way to nervous excitement. A new "baby" in the house!

Now I realize just how much I have been wanting another pet to fill my empty nest. I have tried adding a second cat, but The Princess must have "DOORMAT" stamped on her forehead, as other cats pick on her, including her own sister. I have considered a second dog, and regularly torture myself by viewing available ones at Animal Control, but one set of anal glands is more than enough. Hamsters and rats: good pets, but been there, done that. Birds and reptiles just don't move me.

But a bunny! I feel like I am in my first trimester and want to tell everyone the good news but feel compelled to wait. Except here.

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