Monday, August 29, 2016

I'm bugged

August must be the month for bugginess in the garden. Pollinators seem to be at their busiest, including bees, of course.

I don't know what these orange and black beetles are, but they are everywhere.

Although I do not have photographic proof, I am 95% sure I saw an Eastern Tailed - Blue (Everes comyntas) on the Joe Pye last week. We'll have to settle for this white cabbage butterfly (Pieris rapae) which is omnipresent each year, all summer long.

At least I found a monarch, on the zinnias and not the milkweed, nectaring and not laying eggs. Maybe some other summer we'll have caterpillars.

There are lots of other little insects of one sort or another, not inclined to sit still and be photographed, let alone identified. I accept their presence as a good sign, that my yard welcomes all bugs, as long as they stay out of the house proper.


Jason said...

Yes, it is very buggy these days. Which is fine with me, though I could do without all the mosquitoes. Great photos, especially that last one of the Monarch.

CommonWeeder said...

Not so buggy here. Maybe because we have had so little rain? And very little bug damage on plants in my new garden. I was told the neighborhood would have millions of Japanese beetles but the hordes never arrived. Happily. I handpicked a few and even then they were only bothering three plants, roses, a viburnam and ornamental raspberry. No real damage on any of them.

Amina said...

u should also have a gadget of followers