Monday, June 06, 2016

Hosta la vista, baby

In my efforts to identify what is growing where in my yard, I've run into the dilemma of simply not know what I have. The hostas are a perfect example. The first ones were planted in 1998 (I think), way before this blog came into being.

Mystery hosta #1

Mystery hosta #2

Mystery hosta #3 - maybe 'Francis Williams'?
I did jot down some info in an old gardening journal (that I failed to keep up). Also, once I started this blog, I created a plant page (which I also failed to keep up). And I found an old plant tag.

Hosta 'Golden Tiara' (I think)
I've tried matching my photos with photos online, but there are a lot of hosta varieties and many of them are rather similar.

Hosta 'Royal Standard'
And then there is my propensity to move things around, combined with my faulty memory.

Hosta fortunei hyacinthina, aka Hosta 'Blue' but it doesn't look very blue to me
Sometimes I think plant tags lie. For example, 'Big Daddy' is supposed to have big leaves, but so far mine don't. It is big with the rabbits, though.

Hosta 'Big Daddy' which is not very big
And if the hosta was a gift, there is no telling if the giver knows what he gave (even if he does own a wholesale nursery).

Hosta 'Love Pat', drowning amongst its neighbors
So I will do the best I can. I already know that I will move at least some of the above at some point. Hopefully, I will remember to record the new locations in this blog.

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