Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dog days of April

The weather forecast is for a couple of days of unremitting sunshine, temperatures in the 80's, then it will cool off again. When spring is hot, I think I have missed the window for planting cool weather vegetables. Not so, not yet. Meanwhile, what plants are in (the onions) and up (the rhubarb) look a little bedraggled.

Last fall, I planted and transplanted natives to the south side of the house. This spring, the creeping Charlie threatened to take over the entire bed. Today I carefully removed the latter in order to find the former. It looks like most (maybe all?) of the plants survived. I'm hoping the few no-shows are just late to emerge. It doesn't help that I am unfamiliar with many, hence not sure what they look like when they break through the soil. Fortunately, the newbies (mostly) retained their plastic plant tags. Note to self: find a better way to label plants in situ.

Other tasks tackled this week included a proof of concept: adding hanging planters to the pergola. I purchased five deck planters from Menards, and my SO and I mounted two of them this past Friday. It took us a while, but we figured out how to get them to work. Yay! The annual vines I plan for them are planted indoors and just starting to sprout.

Other indoor plants: zinnias and marigolds are seeded and sprouting, and I potted up the broccoli. Outdoors, the bean poles are standing tall, and I transplanted the lettuce seedlings to lettuce "bowls". And I mowed front and back. I would pay good money for someone to install and maintain a no-mow lawn.

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Jason said...

Ugh, I hate creeping Charlie. My early tulips went over all of a sudden when it got so warm.