Saturday, November 07, 2015

Last mow?

It has been warm but dry here, unusual weather for us this time of year. While the grass growing has been slow, it didn't stop altogether. I think it is done now, so I mowed for what I hope is the last time this season. I also trimmed and weeded a bit out front; the backyard needs more attention, but then that is always the case.

I took these pix a couple of weeks ago.

Dwarf Fountain Grass 'Hameln', from the front

Dwarf Fountain Grass 'Hameln', from behind, with cotoneaster

, Pampas Grass, Northern Sea Oats, Switchgrass

Little Bluestem

Tulip Poplar

Blueberry ('Patriot' I think)

Hydrangea 'Limelight'

The garden mid clean-up

Viburnum 'Blue Muffin'


I have been calling the grass pictured below Big Bluestem, but BB does not get such a plume-like seed head. So now I have no idea what this is.

The little squirrel came by for a closer photo op. I can't decide if he is a small species of squirrel or just a young one. I have seen a couple of black squirrels here and there, in other neighborhoods.

And I spotted the albino robin; he is hard to miss.

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Jason said...

Nice color on that Viburnum. Blue Muffin is V. dentatum, right? I didn't think they had much fall color.