Monday, August 17, 2015

I lied

Dropping all the privet trimmings off at the bio-solids site did not cost $3. In an effort to avoid making two trips today, SO really packed the pickup truck (plus some of the branches still had leaves, plus it rained last night, so some of what we transported was moisture). The result was being charged $2.38 instead of $1 today, so the total came to $4.38 (plus $30 to fill up the gas tank, plus about $24 in lunches). Also, weight lifting! Steps on the Fitbit! Fresh air! Being scolded by wrens! Listening to cicadas! Priceless! Still, we are exceedingly happy to be done with that project. It was blocking my creativity, plus those piles were just plain in the way.

Speaking of cicadas, they are so loud that I could hear them over the roar of my lawn mower the other day. And yet, their noise is so much more pleasant than that of mowers, trimmers, and leaf blowers. Do you agree?

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