Wednesday, April 29, 2015

One of the fun parts

Like most activities, gardening has fun parts and not-so-fun parts. I consider planting/transplanting to be a fun part, even when it leaves me almost crippled the next day from all the bending and stooping.

Before one may plant, one must prepare. In my garden, this means trying to get the rampant thistle, creeping Charlie, feral mint, and quack grass under control, at least in the garden beds proper. This means more bending and stooping, as well as digging. Ugh. Like brushing the cat, weeding is never ever completely done, but at some point, one must put the seeds and seedlings into the ground.

Here is what went in most recently:
  • Onion plants
  • Seed potatoes
  • Pea and snap pea seeds
Prep work for all this included: increasing the height (thereby the depth) of the three potato beds; and erecting trellises for the peas and snap peas (and pole beans, to be planted at a later date). Also, a cage protects the onions from being dug up by the cat (Finn thinks the garden is his bathroom).

As you can see, the fencing is still in progress. There will ultimately be more vegetable beds, so I need a couple more fence panels before we can properly contain the garden.

I topped the fruit trees, so now they basically look like 2-foot-high sticks. One of the cherries appears to be DOA - stunted root system, no swelling buds - we'll see if it proves me wrong. The rest appear healthy and on the verge of breaking dormancy. Fun!

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