Thursday, August 02, 2012

How do you like them (road) apples?

Last Saturday my SO and I fetched another load of horse manure. There were only two raised beds to fill, so I layered the rest in the compost pile. I think of myself as a "slow composter" - I just pile it up and a year later dig it out. The result is compost with little labor but a lot of weed seeds. I'm hoping the manure heats things up enough to reduce that little problem.

While poking around in the compost pile, I noticed my neighbor's elm tree had a big crack in the trunk.

The theory is the 90+ mph winds we had a while ago twisted the tree to the point of splitting the trunk. My neighbor cleaned up that corner just last year, removing a mulberry and a dead apple. I'm sorry the elm has to go as well.

If all the blooms on the tomato plants had produced fruit, I would have had a bumper crop. The 100+ degree days interrupted that daydream, but I am getting some tomatoes. I am freezing them for later processing - assuming I get enough 'maters to bother with getting out the sauce maker.

The contents of the CSA are still zucchini heavy, and I am not sure what I am supposed to do with one beet, but there has been sweet corn and slicing tomatoes, green beans and what I thought were boysenberries, but are actually blackberries. There are never enough for a whole pie, but inspired by this site, I've been experimenting with tarts.

And last Saturday I mowed the lawn! For the first time in almost two months! I am amazed that 1) the grass had not died, and 2) the mower started on the fourth pull. It is nice to see so much green again.

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Jason said...

The blackberries are great this year in my area. Last Sunday my son and his girlfriend came over and made blackberry jam (also peach) with Judy.