Tuesday, October 04, 2011


I belong to Arbor Farms Nursery's "club" and received a birthday coupon, good toward one perennial plant (priced $9.50 or less).  Of course, the unspoken rule is one does not go to a nursery and pick up only one free plant.  And the one I picked cost a bit more, so I paid the difference, plus picked out another plant from the bargain bin.

Maidenhair amongst the grasses
The bee balm and Shasta daisies growing in this general area have been losing the battle with their neighbors, so the bed is going to be all grasses, all the time.  This maidenhair should fit right in.

That was the bargain.  For my free plant, I looked and looked and looked some more.  Slim pickings this time of year.  I had almost settled on a sedum when I chatted up one of the employees re coreopsis and why they are not very hardy.  She mentioned that she liked 'Route 66'.  So guess what I ended up with.

'Route 66' coreopsis
The dark red and yellow blossoms will be perfect in the new sidewalk bed.  If the 'Jethro Tull' live through the winter, I will move them into this bed as well.  I do like coreopsis; maybe they will like this bed better.

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