Friday, September 02, 2011

Why sunflowers droop

I bet you thought sunflowers droop because the heads become so heavy with seed.  That may be one reason, but here is another.

What is that? you ask.  It's what's left after goldfinch dine on the seeds.

First, make your selection (and get some exercise with the effort):

Then dine al fresco:

leaving behind the shells.  The cardinals apparently are not so athletic, so they claim the sunflowers that have fallen completely over.  Isn't Mother Nature wonderful?

Goldfinch weren't the only diners in my yard today.  I have not seen much of the robins since my neighbor removed the mulberry, but someone has been enjoying the berries on the pokeweed.

How many bluebirds can you count in the next photo?

Click to make big

They were practically swarming this morning.  Now if they would only kick the sparrows out of the bluebird house and hang around all summer.

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