Thursday, August 18, 2011

This year's BIG home improvement project

One reason I was rather dejected over the estimate for a new pergola is because I already had a boatload of money earmarked for a new driveway.  No before pictures, but some during and after.

The rusty basketball hoop by the driveway really bothered the concrete guy, so when he offered to haul it away, I said, Sure.  The old sidewalk ran along the castleblock in front.  This also bothered him.

So he suggested adding a swoosh - no extra charge.  At the time, I thought, Whatever.  But I really like the results.

Another bed to fill with plants!  And to weed!

My old driveway was 50 feet of concrete plus an asphalt apron to the street. 

Now it is 70+ feet of shiny new concrete.

One reason the old concrete driveway crumbled was water sat on it after spring/fall rains, freezing and thawing until the low areas looks more like gravel than concrete.

A little drain tile on either side of the driveway will help prevent that in the future.

 What  a wonderful (and wonderfully expensive) facelift to the property!

AND I had contacted the city about the lakefront view I have each spring.  AND someone actually came to the house today to discuss it.  Not that anything will happen in the near future, but this is more than I expected.  You know what they say:  If you keep your expectations low enough, you will never be disappointed.


Pat - Arkansas said...

Yes, indeed! The "swoop" and new driveway are handsome additions to your property. Very nice.

Toni said...

Oh, that "swoop" does really add a lot! It all looks so nice!