Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh, the weather outside is frightful

For once, Chicken Little was right: the sky is falling. Or something is falling out of the sky. Rain? Snow? Freezing rain? Slush? Hard to tell when you can't see out the windows.

Power at home (despite the flickering of the lights) but no power at the office - the perfect storm! I planned to glue my butt to the couch all day, but the poor birds had a problem: icicle bars on the feeders prevented access.

Even goodies from the wild were locked away.

So I ventured out, thinking maybe the crap in the driveway was movable. Not yet, so I checked out the damage around mi casa.

The Japanese maple is not liking its first winter in situ.

Obligatory artsy fartsy shot of ice encased asplenifolia branches against a gray sky.

Ornamental grasses sagging. Notice neighbors vehicles in the background. My garage may be full of crap, but at least I can park my car in it, thank god.

My temperature-indicating rhododendron will not be unfurling their leaves until it warms up enough to melt their icy coat.

Even the chicken wire is a thing of beauty.

The lights keep dimming, so I am going to post this while I can. Besides, there is a butt dent in the couch with my name on it.

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